Good Luck to Our 6th Grade Authors!

Our 6th grade project class worked on creating digital books using Book Creator.  These books were about topics they felt passionate about.  Some of the issues that students wrote about included:  Mental Health, Sustainable Communities, Sexism, Drugs, and Animal Abuse.  We did some research, met with experts to guide us in designing our book, presented to our classmates for feedback, and did some revisions.  We conducted our own voting panel to narrow down the top three books to enter into a competition being sponsored by Book Creator.  Take a moment to read the three entries and leave us some feedback.  Good luck to our  top three Grandview authors!

Creativity in Bookcreator

Have you ever said, “There is never enough time”?  This is what I hear a lot from colleagues and my own thinking.  How do we manage to tackle the benchmarks that we want our students to know, fit in all of our lessons, and allow for room to be creative?  There has to be a balance in everything, and that includes the way we ask our students to showcase their learning.  After over sixteen years of teaching, I have found that students need choice to stay engaged and creative.  As a teacher, I have to get really creative in how I make sure students make connections across all subject areas and fit in all of my lessons for the year.

Do you remember being a kid and being assigned a book report?  I remember going through lots of paper before I settled on my final draft.  Geez, did my hand hurt after all of that writing!  Fast forward to today, there are so many choices for sharing a favorite book.  Students love to be creative in how they share their knowledge of benchmarks that they have been taught.  I have found that Bookcreator is a great digital tool that allows students to grow as readers, writers, designers, and researchers.  And, it’s a great way to practice using 21st century skills and prepare for the future.  After meeting a guest author who wrote a scary story we decided to try our own.  Check out our collaborative collection of spooky stories!  Let us know what you think.

Spin-off Story Project using Book Creator

As a culminating project to a novel my 6th graders read in class, they were assigned to write a spin-off story.  We read Restart by Gordon Korman in small, whole group, and independently.  Then, students chose one of the characters to do a spin-off story for.  We used Book Creator for this project, which the students were excited about.  Check-out some of the stories below by my writers!

3rd Graders Blog About Their Interests!

My third graders have become great bloggers!  Each student has decided on what they would love to blog about, and have been working on their pieces during stations.  I am very impressed with their level of prior knowledge, research ability, writing, and typing abilities.  Please click on the links to read each of their posts.  Also, don’t forget to leave a comment for us!

Our Weekly Fashionistas Column by Jolie

Our Weekly Column on Architecture by Elia

Sports Cars by Josh   SportscarsbyJoshReiter-18ppsq2

All About Chickens by Carlos

Technology by Jordan


Johnny Depp

By: Marley flores



Johnny depp (John Christopher ll) was born 6/9/1963. He is known for his great acting. First I’m going to talk about Rango. Johnny Depp is Rango. When they were making the movie they weren’t just doing the voices for it, they were actually getting into character. So when they were doing the voices, they were actually acting. Johnny Depp’s first movie that he was in was Nightmare On Elm Street. Johnny depp is truly a great actor, I researched some of my information on the link below, thank you.  This website tells about him, so if you want to click the link.

Click on the link to read Livvie’s review of the musical, Hamilton.



We will continue to add more student blog posts, so keep checking in!






April is Poetry Month!

My amazing third graders have been working on all types of poems for the last month.  We started our celebration of poetry month early in March.  The students have been reading and writing poems.  They have become true poets, and I’d like to showcase some of their poems here.  Please keep visiting this page, as I’ll be updating it in the next two weeks.


By: Lyla


                     Fashion is lots fun.

             Fashion makes you look pretty

                I love Fashion,lots.


         I love songs so much  

           Singing is what I do most  

              Songs are the best things.


                    I love dancing lots   

             I start to dance at night time   

              And that’s why I dance.          


A Haiku Poem About Chickens

By: Carlos

    Chickens are awesome                    

     Chickens are cool and harmless         

       I like to eat them  

Diamante Poem

by Jordan 


Hot, sweet

Swimming, picnicking, sweating

Flowers sunny, windy, frosty

Snowing, sledding, raining

Cold, snow


Our Class

By Elia

Our class

Our class has 16 people,

none of us are purple,

our teacher is super awesome,

she is not a opossum,

we are super heros,

we never get zeros

Haiku Poem By: Olivia M



 Dogs are very cute

Dogs can be nice to people

 Dogs are furry pets

Olivia’s dog image for her haiku poem.



by: Livvie

Narwhals are so cute

They have so very long horns

I do love narwhals

A Haiku By: Marley


       Gardens have flowers

          Gardens have a lot of dirt

         They are so pretty

Diamante Poem

By: Miles

Ellie and Little Bun

A Poem about a Puppy and Cat






cute, relaxed

Little one.

                               Diamante Poem by Izzy                     


                   Cute, fluffy

         Cuddling, barking, loving

       Nice, friendly, mean, vicious

       Hurting, biting, growling

                      Dots, wild




My Life’s Journey with Grandview- Zora Szasz

My Life’s Journey with Grandview – by Zora Szasz

I, for one, want to have this opportunity to write about my favorite school, Grandview.  When I first joined Grandview, I was not sure what to expect.  Having moved so many times in a short period of time when we first arrived in the U.S. 3 years ago – from Las Vegas to California, and finally in Florida.   In that mark of my journey, such leap has been a culture shock to me – not knowing anyone, the different terms and expressions used in everyday language, getting use to the ‘American’ accent.  Initially, I was somewhat inhibited to make conversations even asking my teachers if I can use the ‘loo’ which they call, the ‘restroom’.  It was not a big deal, I did catch on and learned their terms and everyday language fairly quickly.


Two years later, Grandview has become part of my life’s journey and has taken me to the level where I am now. I am one of the lucky ones to have been accelerated a year ahead of my peers.  I cannot thank the teachers enough, that helped and trust me with my advancement.  I have enjoyed every facet of my academic and social life in Grandview ever since. Where I am destined, I do not know.  One thing for sure, this school is helping me prepare for my future.  For now, I will continue to enjoy my time learning in this school.

If I would vote, I would give this school a 5 star rating. Grandview’s teachers are very polite, kind, and very understandable when we are taught by them.  We have normal switching in class (We move from classroom to classroom), and we are required to bring certain items to each class. If you ask me, Grandview should be all around the world. If you went there, I bet you would do the same. This is a definite recommendation for other pupils who might want to come to Grandview.

Grandview students enjoying a House activity in the gazebo.

Grandview students enjoying a House activity in the gazebo.


In Grandview, we have a beautiful gazebo with plants the students planted surrounding it (As you can see in the photo). We also have a greenhouse very near to the gazebo that the higher grades built. Jr. Innovators (Lower school students from 3-5th grade.) planted some plants surrounding the gazebo. We planted somewhat called “Hybrid Plants.”  Hybrid plants are cross-pollination with a male and female that form a non-gmo hybrid. For example, maybe a green pepper and a red pepper. It’s probably mostly used with the same kind of species. Also, we are working on building a new dream playground for next year. We also made a pachinko machine.

Mrs. Westerfield, Grandview’s principal, is special. She is also very kind. I love her as our principal, and she seems to love being our principal too. Ms. Debbie was Grandview’s receptionist. She is nice, and always sees us as happy and lovely students. “The best part of Grandview is when I see the students come in the morning with smiles on their faces.” She quotes truthfully. Our other teachers should be recognized also. Without the peaceful teachers, this would not be a school. Some of the lowerschool teachers are Ms. Hayden (Teaches 1st grade), Mrs. Morie (Teaches 2nd grade), Mrs. Darden (Teaches 3rd grade), Mrs. Leech (teaches 4th grade), and Mrs. Kittredge (Teaches 5th Grade).

At Grandview, we have this program called Prideville. The purpose of Prideville is to get ready for our working lives when we get older. Prideville is when a group of lower school students get to be citizens while another group of students get to be workers. After about 20 minutes, we switch our role. As a citizen, you go around the hallway/stores and find a way to spend your money. As a worker, you do the job you’re assigned to as citizens come to your shop. You get paid a certain amount of (fake) money after your shift, in which you can cash out at the bank (3rd grades classroom) and you can either spend your money or place it in your bank account that you should have made. Special teachers are Mrs.Charles, Mrs. Furman, Mrs. Petronio, Ms. Fantozz, Ms. Diperna, Ms. Avrith, Senora Van Hissenhoven, and Ms. Mimi. Mrs. Charles is a decent artist, yet teaches art! We have new art projects every week, and fourth grade has art twice a week (Tuesday and Wednesday). Mrs. Furman and Ms.Fantozz are the music teachers, and both of them play piano. They both sew, and bring plays together like Chicago. They also sing, and Mrs. Furman mostly teaches either singing or music. Mrs. Furman once took us to Orlando, Universal. We had some free time to play around, before we sang ‘What a Wonderful World’ and ‘Believe’. A few hours after we sang, we went to an awards ceremony and won a spectacular trophy. We had fun on that trip. It was a long drive, and I was tired when we got back at 7:00pm. Mrs. Petronio has a love of dancing, and she’s the dance teacher. She also helped with the play Chicago, all the choreography and ‘all that jazz.’ Ms.Diperna in the Physical Education (P.E.) teacher. Every year we do something what’s called ‘Fitness Testing’. We run a mile, do sit-ups, pull-ups, and shuttle run. I am completely red after the mile, because we have to do 19 laps around our big gym. Ms. Avrith is the coding teacher. She helps us code anything. Grandview provides more than enough computers and chargers we can use. Senora Van Hissenhoven is the Spanish teacher. On May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), Senora organizes a super fun event. We dance and sing and after, we get Chipotle! Last but not least, Ms. Mimi is the librarian. She reads books to us, and we check some out.

                  I Hope You liked my blog! Thanks!

Shaan’s Amazing Trip to Costa Rica!

Hola!  Las lenguas in Costa Rica son Espanol y English.  I went to Costa Rica for one week with my nani, nanu, mom, and brother. We stayed in Jaco, but went to many different places.
On the first day Sunday, April 10th, was el cumpleanos de mi hermano. We went to the cloud forest in Monte Verde where we walked over 8 hanging bridges and zip lined 13 long lines. I also did the Tarzan Swing where they tie and strap you to a rope and drop you from like 50 feet in the air!  It was sooooo fun!
The second day we went to La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Volcano, and natural hot springs. At La fortuna, I got to swim in the waterfall. The water was so frio. BRRRRRRR! We had to walk 500 steps to get to the waterfall and 5,000 to get back to the start. It  was so tiring, but well worth the wait. The natural hot springs was so cool. The water was so warm because of the volcanoes nearby. The locals there were so nice.
Day three was el cumpleanos de mi madre. We spent the day relaxing at la playa and the pool.
On Day four we went to some different beaches in the area. We went to Playa Dominical, Playa Hermosa, and Marino Balllena National Park. I swam in the ocean in all three beaches.
On Day five we went to Doka for a coffee tour and la paz animal sanctuary. At the Doka coffe tour we learned how coffee is grown and made. I got to dry the coffee beans and taste coffee. At La Paz, I saw animals native to Costa Rica. I saw butterflies, hummingbirds, toucans, parrots, and 5 different kinds of jungle cats.
On day six we went to Manuel Antonio National Park. Here I saw so many animals en sus habito naturales. I saw toucans, sloths, racoons, quaddi and so many monkeys. I got a pic of a monkey drinking from a juice box he stole from the beach.
During our stay, we stayed in Crocs Casino and Resort in Jaco. They had live crocodiles there. Our tour guides’ names were Lester and Efarith. This is what I did in Costa Rica. It’s at trip I will never forget!
My family and I went on an amazing trip to Costa Rica!

My family and I went on an amazing trip to Costa Rica!

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A Personal Invitation to the White House by Ben Oppenheimer


I was invited to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll.  Here is my invitation.

My personal invitation from President Obama.

My personal invitation from President Obama.

I was thrilled and excited I had no idea this was going to happen. Most kids make it in by entering the lottery, but I was invited personally from my letter that I had written a while back.  It was about how I was concerned about bees and dropping numbers of population.  He wrote me back and said he was glad that I was concerned, and that he was helping them by putting flowers near the highways.

This is the White House.  It is humongous.  There were many layers to the doors that opened.  There was a huge crowd and there were Secret Service agents standing everywhere.  I met one and asked if he was in the CIA.  He said “yes” and showed me his badges.  In this picture, we are standing in front of the White House waiting for the President and the Easter Bunny to come out. There was a military band playing music. Barack Obama has been president for most of my life.  I support him because he cares about the bees.  I was amazed when he and the First Lady came out to talk about how this was their last roll and their goal was to make the White House accessible to everyone. I felt light-headed because I was so close to him and was actually in front of me.

The White House

The White House


I was sitting on my father’s shoulders and waiting for the President and the First Lady.

I was so close to the President.

I was so close to the President.

Later, I got to pet a bat. I touched it and it felt super soft and light. His face looked like a weasel and his tongue was sticking out. I learned that bats only eat insects and fruit.  After we learned this fact, my dad lost his fear of bats. They seem like good pets to have so they could eat mosquitoes—a natural mosquito repellant.

I made a new friend.... a bat.

I made a new friend…. a bat.



My brother and I at Obama’s beehive.

In this picture, I got to meet Obama’s bee hive. The hive was closed for the day’s events.  I was concerned because the hive entrance was closed off with a piece of wood.  They should use wire mesh to block the entrance so the bees don’t get too hot in there. Plus, the bees like to see what is going on.  In conclusion, the day was exhausting and amazing. My favorite part was watching the crowd go crazy over Beyonce. Here is her picture.

Beyonce signing autographs at The White House.

Beyonce signing autographs at The White House.