Who Am I?

Hello, I am Mrs.Darden. I will be your teacher this year. I promise that I can turn you into a super reader and writer.  And, I will guide you in unleashing your innovative thinking.
I started writing in first grade. I wrote mini-story books with illustrations. My peers loved them so much that I started selling them for a dime. (Please don’t turn it into a business in class like I did because that got me into some trouble). My early years as a writer helped me in my future. I went on to write for a teen page at the Orlando Sentinel while in high school. I was finally able to get paid for my work there. I was on a mission to write my way into some great adventures. My writing skills helped me to persuade college admission personnel to accept me and award me scholarships. (I must stop to thank all of my teachers that encouraged me to never stop writing). My biggest writing accomplishment would have to be the two screenplays that I wrote while at UCLA. I pitched it to some production companies, but never quite sold them. That brings us to the present moment. I continue to write and still plan on selling my script or a book in the future. “One must never give up on their dream”.
My belief is that an excellent writer is also a super reader. I am pretty certain that I started reading way too early in life. I could get lost in a great story for hours. Reading stories has inspired my own settings, characters, antagonists, locations, and more. Words can be so powerful. Especially when you are the one making those words come to life.
I look forward to teaching you how to be Super Readers and Writers!  We will travel back in time during social studies, and discuss current events everyday.  Get ready for the best adventure of your life.
Kapow! Mrs. Darden


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6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hi Mrs. Darden,

    So happy that you get to share your passion for reading and writing with LW! I look forward to him becoming a Super Reader and Writer this year! All the best!

    P.S. Love the blog!

  2. This is a really COOL BLOG!!!!! I am enjoying 3rd grade! #3rdgradeisAWESOME! Can’t wait for the rest to come……No seriously can’t wait!

  3. I love this blog so much; it is AWESOME! The cool thing is I love to write also! I love to get lost in a good story. I could read for hours! THis is gonna be an awesome yoar!

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