Using VR/AR in the Classroom

This was my first year using Cospaces with my middle-school Innovation students.  We did some exploration in the beginning to learn and become comfortable with the program.  They were able to connect their curriculum with their creative design of AR and VR spaces. Some students chose to create outdoor scenes or a museum of a particular location.  Some students were new to coding this year, so they were able to begin with block-based coding.  Other students really went far with their coding ability and were able to enhance their space.  Most recently we had a showcase for the lower school students and families.  They were able to come in and test out the spaces using viewfinders.

Please check out our spaces and leave us some feedback.









Week 23 of the 100 Word Challenge

                                      The Mysterious Pavement

   By: Adam Kastmark 

                  Part 1 : the helicopter       

              My name is Kelvin Aries and I have been sent to investigate a

   SINKING ship. My helicopter is a Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk, I have a crew of 1 Co-Pilot and 2 rescue

  Swimmers. As i lift off from the USS Ronald Reagan I do a roll call of my crew members,

“Pilot 2 CHECK!”, “Swimmer 1 CHECK!”, “Swimmer 2 CHECK!” after a while of being in the air I reach the

Sinking ship, but since it has already sunk I return to the USS Ronald Reagan and call for a submarine to check

It out.

                     Part 2 : the submarine

Exploration day 1

I have been sent to look at the wreckage of the Royal Fortune, I was told that it was a mysterious disappearance. My only information is that the Royal Fortune  sunk in unknown waters and that there will be stormy seas. After a while of exploring Captain Pearl Escoto released 2 divers into the water, when they were exploring the found RED COINS, once they had returned to the submarine the climbed down a LADDER and got into their positions. Once the sub had returned to the USS Ronald Reagan they were greeted by staff and were given transportation back to the mainland they had to walk down a long PAVEMENT where they parted ways and returned to their family.


Happy New Year! It’s Week 15 of the 100 Word Challenge

The Solar Eclipse By Noah Cohen

It’s almost ten minutes from the solar eclipse and my little cousin Petey is here. Petey has never heard about the solar eclipse before. I explain everything to him and tell him that you must wear your protective goggles if you want to look at the eclipse. Now there’s one minute to the solar eclipse. Petey is so excited and I am too. We start the countdown “five, four, three, two, one… wait!” Petey forgot his goggles, “Petey are you okay?” I think the light blinded him, but he was fine. That was a great solar eclipse and I was so happy.

Choice Projects v.s. Mid-term Exams

Recently, I took a poll in one of my classes to see if they would prefer choice projects or a traditional exam to end the semester.  Every single one of my students chose the project option, so I created a tic-tac-toe choice board for them.  (Board template was borrowed from )The choices related to a novel we had finished reading in class where we studied plot elements and characterization.  I’m really happy with the level of engagement in the choices my students made for their mid-term assessment project. During our project work days, I was able to observe their creative process to demonstrate knowledge.  In addition, I was able to see growth in their writing and comprehension. Check out their work below documented on Bookcreator.

The Penultimate Prompt before the Holiday Break



By: Noah

Well, my mom brought me and my three other friends to the mall. We were shopping, until David started the whole thing…  I was minding my own business at the video game store until I heard the words, ‘’ You’re it‘’.  Now, you’re thinking this is going to be a chase all around the mall. Well you’re right. We started running through the entire mall, but they were exhausted.  When it’s time to go, we all got in my car and dropped off each of the kids. Finally when David started to slowly get out of the car, I tagged him and said, “You’re it’’.

100 Word Challenge for Week 12: Ally Report by Justice A.


By: Justice A.

As I walked through the valley with my dog, I saw someone with a van and a tv reporter group. I walked through the valley to see what was going on., The camera had me and my dog on T.V.  I said to myself “… we seemed to be on the television…” I kept walking back and forth until I could get a my few minutes of fame on T.V. They said I couldn’t do that, but I did it again. I kept walking and the T.V. camera crew started to yell. Unfortunately, the security viciously got me off camera. 

100 Word Challenge by Justice Aranda

The Dark

Justice Aranda- 7th Grade

I was in bed, it was 9:30. I heard something behind my bathroom door… I opened the door and closed it. Nothing was there. I went back to bed and I heard it again. I heard myself saying, “I wondered what was behind that door?” I went to go check again, nothing was there. I kept checking every hour. I got freaked out and went to my parents’ room and they didn’t believe me. They said, “Go back to bed.”  I cried as I kept hearing the sound get closer and closer.

100 Word Challenge Story by Cristofer Bennardo

The Shipping Test

By: Christofer Bennardo

U.P.S. and FedEx both made new websites on shipping products. So my sister and I are holding an experiment on which company ships products faster U.P.S. or FedEx. We bought the same product from the same place but on the two different websites. After we ordered the product’s we went back to our day. Playing outside, fighting, eating and playing video games. The next morning the doorbell rang, and I Wondered What Was Behind The Door the FedEx or U.P.S. box. I opened the door and I saw an Amazon Box? I am confused?