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The Baseball Game

A Poem by Marcus T.

The glove, the bat, the ball.

The bases are loaded

Swing, hit

there goes a fly ball.

Run, fast, slide.

Home run!

For Your Information

I have a new bike, I like to ride it after school. It has 21 gears and is lime green, black with a good handle. It is insured for free for a year if it breaks, gets stolen or if it gets a flat tire.

I took it on a camping trip. On the camping trip, in total Cruz’s dad and I biked 3.2 miles.I wear my helmet. I love biking!!!!

By Adam K.


Dwayne Johnson saves his adorable Frenchies in his tiny pool, but it could fit a blue whale. Dwayne looked mad about the dog jumping in, but found it to be funny. He jumped in fully dressed. Brutis, the French bulldog, sank to the bottom like a brick. While Hobs, the other French bulldog, floated like a blow up pool toy.

The dogs looked pretty happy. Well, one did! The other one looked sad. The sad one probably wanted to swim more. The happy dog was glad he would not drown anymore. Hopefully, they’ll learn to swim. Otherwise, Dwayne will have to go swimming everyday!

By T.J. (This retelling was inspired by a true story which you can read more about at


A Narrative Piece by Gabby R.

Over the summer, my mom, dad, and I went to London.  After such a long time, I saw my cousins!  I always wanted to visit a castle.  In London, I visited two, on the same day!  I bought a green princess night dress in Castle Arundel. That castle was built in 1067.  It was hundreds of years ago.

Amberly Castle was number two.  It was very pretty.  It was a castle turned into a hotel.  It had a nice playground, a tennis court, and a ghost! We actually stayed there.  I slept…. dad slept… mom didn’t sleep at all!  The ghost was a very sad woman who jumped out of the tower window and killed herself.  We have a spookie picture of that.

London Vacation

Gabby with her parents in London.


Gabby was able to visit the Arundel and Amberly castles.




Sam chose one of the Pinterest images to inspire the following poem….

He’s on a mushroom.

It feels like a balloon
starting to fly.
Up up up it goes
rising up into the sky.
Will it go up?
Or, will it go down?
Only this snail knows
where the mushroom goes.
– Sam Reiter
Sam's motivation for a poem.

Sam’s motivation for a poem.




Brendan chose one of the Pinterest images to inspire the following short fiction narrative.

I just moved into my house. It is cool. I like my house because it is in the ocean. I don’t think it is very safe. Especially if there was a tsunami. I find it very fun too! My favorite part of the house is the top deck.

I like riding a boat to school. Sitting on the top deck with my homework and a glass of lemonade is super fun! I love my home.

Brendan imagines living in this home.

Brendan imagines living in this home.



Ryeanne chose the adorable picture of the puppy from

to inspire her “How to List”

Topic Sentence:  How to take care of a dog?


1-  First you have to feed it food.    


2.  You have to walk the dog.


3.  Then you bathe it.


4.  You have to give it attention from its owners.


5.  You have to trim the dog.


6.  You have to brush the dog’s hair.


7.  You have to bring the dog to the doctor.


8.  You have to brush its teeth.


9.  You have to let it drink water.


10.  You have to give the dog a bed to rest in.


 cute puppy

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