100 Word Challenge for Week 12: Ally Report by Justice A.


By: Justice A.

As I walked through the valley with my dog, I saw someone with a van and a tv reporter group. I walked through the valley to see what was going on., The camera had me and my dog on T.V.  I said to myself “… we seemed to be on the television…” I kept walking back and forth until I could get a my few minutes of fame on T.V. They said I couldn’t do that, but I did it again. I kept walking and the T.V. camera crew started to yell. Unfortunately, the security viciously got me off camera. 

100 Word Challenge by Justice Aranda

The Dark

Justice Aranda- 7th Grade

I was in bed, it was 9:30. I heard something behind my bathroom door… I opened the door and closed it. Nothing was there. I went back to bed and I heard it again. I heard myself saying, “I wondered what was behind that door?” I went to go check again, nothing was there. I kept checking every hour. I got freaked out and went to my parents’ room and they didn’t believe me. They said, “Go back to bed.”  I cried as I kept hearing the sound get closer and closer.

100 Word Challenge Story by Cristofer Bennardo

The Shipping Test

By: Christofer Bennardo

U.P.S. and FedEx both made new websites on shipping products. So my sister and I are holding an experiment on which company ships products faster U.P.S. or FedEx. We bought the same product from the same place but on the two different websites. After we ordered the product’s we went back to our day. Playing outside, fighting, eating and playing video games. The next morning the doorbell rang, and I Wondered What Was Behind The Door the FedEx or U.P.S. box. I opened the door and I saw an Amazon Box? I am confused?

War Torn- A 100 Word Story for Week 8

War Torn

By: Christofer Bennardo

It was in the trenches of a war torn village . They were being attacked by a nearby village. They were losing by a bit. The Lieutenant was giving orders and the private did not want to do it. They were saying… “BUT WHY LIEUTENANT?” “Well,  BECAUSE I SAID SO NOW DO IT!” “Fine I’ll do it” ……The Private runs out of the trenches with other soldiers, and runs around the enemy’s position. They go behind the enemy and hide. The lieutenant takes out a blow up tank and places it down. The enemy retreats and the soldiers come out from hiding and make them surrender.

Sustainable Fashions- An Interview by Liliana

Selena Blackstone of Blu Butterfly Vintage has been searching for unique pieces since the early 90’s!  I remember going on “treasure hunts” with her at all of the local Orlando thrift shops when we were in high school together.  We both shared that love for taking care of the Earth and being creative.  She has a real gift in being able to find one of kind pieces, and even reinventing a fashion piece.  We reconnected last summer to collaborate on a blog post.  She was gracious in allowing Liliana, who loves to repurpose old clothes, to interview her.
Read more about Selena at Blu Butterfly Vintage and sustainable fashions.  This may be something you are interested in doing in your future!

Leo the Lion visited Blu Butterfly Vintage this past summer.

Liliana: What inspired you to be a fashion designer?
Selena:  I have always loved clothes since I was a little girl and would make clothes for my Barbie dolls. I would also dress up in my grandmas clothes and my cousins and I would have fashion shows for my grandparents. I always found it hard to find clothes that I liked when going to the local stores/department stores. As a teenager, I always found different pieces at the local thrift stores that I loved and that was eccentric, unique and different.
Liliana:  How did you come up with the name of your business?
Selena:  As a little girl, my grandmother and I used to chase butterflies in her garden every summer. Once she would catch them, she would put them to sleep and put them in shadowboxes. It was fun, yet…. sad but they were great memories that I had with my grandmother. The butterfly was always a creature that I loved and was a part of me. When searching for a name for my business, blue butterflies were surrounding me at that time. I was seeing them everywhere. I was also seeing a lot of monarchs. It was a sign, and the name was a new beginning.
Liliana:  What kind of styles do you usually look for?
Selena:  My styles and taste change from season to season. It really depends on what I am feeling at that moment when looking for inventory. Right now, I look for full circle dresses and crush velvet for the holiday season. I am partial to the 60’s and 70’s styles though!
Liliana:  Where do you get your clothes for your business?
Selena:  A portion of my inventory comes from local auctions or estate sales. I have developed relationships with people in the industry that now call me to pick up at their place of sale, and/or auctions.
Liliana:  Do you usually make the clothes for your business?
Selena:  I usually do any repairs and restoration of already made dresses or clothing. However, Blu Butterfly Vintage has a clothing line on the rise in the near future of reproduced vintage styles.
Liliana:  What have you learned about being a fashion designer?
Selena:  Being true to myself and who I am is important in this industry. Being in the fashion industry is very competitive and it is easy to get discouraged. Ultimately, I don’t allow myself to look at what everyone else is doing, but I keep my eyes on my own vision and what I see for Blu Butterfly Vintage.
Liliana:  Have you been in any shows like Shark Tank?
Selena:  This one is my favorite question! I love Shark Tank. Unfortunately, I have not been on that show….yet! YOU never know what the future hold. I have done a lot of fashion shows and fundraising events. Our next event will be a vintage car show where a bunch of us ladies will be dressed in vintage 50’s and 60’s dresses to help raise money for a cancer patient.
Liliana:  Does anyone else work with you on your business?
Selena:  Yes! It is a family affair! I have a 16 year old daughter who does all the modeling for me. And I have a 3 year old son who helps me package sales for shipping.
Liliana:  Do you usually get a lot of customers?
Selena:  Most of my customers are buying online right now as the online marketplace is thriving.
Liliana:  Do you sell clothes for all ages?
Selena:  Yes I do! I have clothes for all girls and women!
To find some great vintage pieces go to http://blubutterflyvintage.blogspot.com/   My photo

Spin-off Story Project using Book Creator

As a culminating project to a novel my 6th graders read in class, they were assigned to write a spin-off story.  We read Restart by Gordon Korman in small, whole group, and independently.  Then, students chose one of the characters to do a spin-off story for.  We used Book Creator for this project, which the students were excited about.  Check-out some of the stories below by my writers!

100 Word Challenge Story by Sasha Fomicheva

       The Day Of Halloween

By: Sasha Fomicheva 6th Grade

Today is Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday. At school, we had a party, we had Halloween snacks like cookies shaped liked bats and all kinds of Halloween candy. We also danced to scary songs.When I came back home my brother was already in his orange fighter costume. I took a bath after school and got ready for Halloween. I am a scary bat. When it was time to go trick or treating the first house I went to had clumsily made decorations. But I ended up getting lots of candy from that house.


Halloween by Erika Jorgensen



By: Erika Jorgensen  6th Grade

      It was two days before Halloween. I went downstairs and remembered that I still didn’t have my Halloween costume. At first, I thought of being a ninja FIGHTER, but then I wanted to be an ORANGE pumpkin. I had no ideas. I looked around my house CLUMSILY for last year’s costume and didn’t find a thing. Was I going to be the only person without a costume? Then later I was going to take a BATH and saw my costume from last year that I didn’t wear. I was so happy that I DANCED across the room because Halloween is my favorite holiday!