Project-based Learning Activities

My students have many opportunities to learn through projects across all subject areas.  I’ve decided to dedicate a page to all of the amazing projects that my students have worked on, and will continue to this year.

After learning about our government from our textbook, Time for Kids magazine, and educational videos, my students were asked to design an infographic.  The students worked in small groups to research using “Kid-approved websites”, books/magazines, and our textbook to design their own digital poster about the 3 Branches of Government.  Surprisingly, all of the groups chose Piktochart to create with.  In addition, the students used their traveling Agile boards to help them stay on track, and meet their goals.  Tell us what you think by leaving us a reply below.





3 thoughts on “Project-based Learning Activities

  1. Hi Mrs. Darden!

    I’m so happy you’ll be Isabel’s homeroom teacher! She’s excited and can’t wait to go back to school.


  2. I love that your class chose to develop their 21st century skills to create infographics to represent our separation of powers and system of checks and balances!

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