Novel Study: Airman by Eoin Colfer

After reading Airman by Eoin Colfer with my 7th graders, students were given a tic-tac-toe choice menu for their final project assessment.  Each of the choices related to a skill we learned and practiced throughout the year.  Research, narrative,expository writing, poetry, and use of digital creation tools.  I made sure to balance the amount of work load for each, and kept students’ interest level in mind.  My students have been engaged during our project work time in class, and that is half the battle for a teacher.  The choice board was inspired by Kasey Bell’s 


Airman book trailer by T.J. (7th grade)  This book trailer was created with Adobe Spark video.

Here is how I made it work for my class:

Research Choices:

The Saltee Islands by Marcus

The Saltees are a pair of small islands lying three miles off the southern coast of Ireland.The two islands are Great Saltee and Little Saltee.They have been privately owned since 1943 by the Neale family.A line of rocks connect  the smaller of the two islands to Kilmore Quay,county Wexford on the mainland of Ireland.Legend has it that Saint.Patrick pelted rocks at the fleeing devil as he tried to escape his wrath..Geologists characterize the formation of the gravel bar as a neat glacial deposit.The islands are made of precambrian bedrock  between 600 million and 2 billion years old.There were people on the island as long ago as 3,500 to 2,000 B.C.At one time there were Vikings, Normans, and medieval monks that inhabited the islands,there is evidence of a promontory fort,ancient graves, an Ogham stone and ring forts all over the island.There is also evidence of wreckers and smugglers and pirates.The waters around the islands became known as “the graveyard of a thousand ships”because it was so treacherous,perfect for finding treasure.The gains of the wreckers could very well be hidden in the many caves around the islands.

     Great Saltee is today best known as a bird sanctuary.Many birds,from Gannets,Puffins, Gulls and Manx Shearwaters all stop off on the island to nest or to rest on their migration paths.About 120  grey seals also live around the island and prey on the chicks and fish the waters.The story of the owner of the islands, Prince Michael Neale is very fascinating and quite funny.He is the interesting character who bought the islands in 1943 and declared himself King!He built a heavy stone throne and several monuments on the island.On the throne it says ”this chair is erected in memory of my mother to whom I made a vow when I was ten years old ,that one day I would own the Saltee Islands.”He and is family are very generous and invite anyone to visit the island anytime for free and nature lovers and birdwatchers love to go there.




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By: Adam 

Aeronautics is the production of machines capable of flying in the air and aircraft and rocket handling techniques in the atmosphere. In the beginning, the aeronautics concerned only the servicing of the aircraft, until now it has been grimaced by other aviation aspects.

Aeronautics is not just aviation. also includes lighter-than-air vehicles and ballistic vehicles. An important part of aeronautics is the science called aerodynamics, which is the science that deals with the air movement and the way it interacts with objects in motion, such as an airplane.


At first people tried to fly without any knowledge of aeronautics. they usually constructed wings and jumped from the tower with paralyzing or deadly results. The founders of aeronautics were Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance and Cayley in 1799. Both began their investigations with studies of bird flight.

People think that there were popular kites carrying people in China. In 1282, the European explorer Marco Polo described Chinese techniques. according to him, the Chinese also constructed small hot-air balloons or lanterns and wing toys.

Roger Bacon is the first European who described the principles of a lighter-than-air balloon. A lifter for his balloon would be an “ether” whose composition he did not know. On September 19, 1783, the first manned flight took place. The Montgolfier brothers, along with the Swiss physicist Ami Argand, built a hot-air balloon with a ram, rooster and duck on board.The flight from December 17, 1903 is considered the first flight in history. Orville Wright is the first man in history who has risen to heaven on a plane. The plane was called Flyer I.

The next step of aeronautics were flights to space. The first artificial satellite was fired by the USSR on October 4, 1957. The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin. He flew into space for 108 minutes. His flight took place on April 12, 1961.



Poetry Choice:

   Basketball by James                                                 

Basketball takes a lot of hard work and time

In basketball, you have to keep doing the same moves over and over

You can’t just get really good at it in just a month

To make shots you have to take more than 100 shots a day


If you want to get good at driving in and scoring a layup, you have to be strong

It can be really hard to get good at dribbling the basketball

Because you have to get good at dribbling with both hands and doing fancy moves

People say, “don’t do fancy moves”

Like behind the back and between the legs


But you can get by people a lot easier if you know how to do fancy moves

The reason is that if you do some crazy moves you “juke” them out, you can just go by

All of the fancy moves can get the ball stolen from you if you can’t control the ball

After a while, if you keep practicing all of this stuff you’ll get really good.


The Islands by Charles (Inspired by the novel, Airman, by Eoin Colfer

The night sky

The place where the birds fly

The morning sky

Where you hear birds cry

Out over a clear blue sky.


Overheard from the fence

There’s prisoners acting sad and dense

Just waiting for the chance

To go off and hop the fence

To the land that put them in a trance.


If you go down a chimney far and wide

You’ll find a house where a man resides

A man who flies from high to low tide

And with him resides

A man who has a lack of eyes

Simply put an old state spy.


One thought on “Novel Study: Airman by Eoin Colfer

  1. Charles, that poem gives off a lot of emotion. It’s almost like a dark emotion. It makes me want to read “Airman”!

    James, I can really see how passionate you are about basketball!

    Way to go, everyone! Keep writing!