Week 23 of the 100 Word Challenge

                                      The Mysterious Pavement

   By: Adam Kastmark 

                  Part 1 : the helicopter       

              My name is Kelvin Aries and I have been sent to investigate a

   SINKING ship. My helicopter is a Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk, I have a crew of 1 Co-Pilot and 2 rescue

  Swimmers. As i lift off from the USS Ronald Reagan I do a roll call of my crew members,

“Pilot 2 CHECK!”, “Swimmer 1 CHECK!”, “Swimmer 2 CHECK!” after a while of being in the air I reach the

Sinking ship, but since it has already sunk I return to the USS Ronald Reagan and call for a submarine to check

It out.

                     Part 2 : the submarine

Exploration day 1

I have been sent to look at the wreckage of the Royal Fortune, I was told that it was a mysterious disappearance. My only information is that the Royal Fortune  sunk in unknown waters and that there will be stormy seas. After a while of exploring Captain Pearl Escoto released 2 divers into the water, when they were exploring the found RED COINS, once they had returned to the submarine the climbed down a LADDER and got into their positions. Once the sub had returned to the USS Ronald Reagan they were greeted by staff and were given transportation back to the mainland they had to walk down a long PAVEMENT where they parted ways and returned to their family.


7 thoughts on “Week 23 of the 100 Word Challenge

  1. Adam great job! I have always been interested in submarines. This makes me think twice about it.

  2. Great job Adam. Sounds like a great hunt for the royal fortune. I really enjoyed reading your story!

  3. Adam~
    I loved reading your story, it left me curious for more…. did you have your story in mind when you created the amazing Cardboard Sculpture of the helicopter you made in art class?
    Mrs. Schultz

  4. Great job ADAM!
    You used very descriptive wording and I could visualize the whole story in my head. I also like the way it was written. It reminded me of a log book.
    Keep writing ✍️
    Ms Sarah

  5. Well done Adam! I love a good mystery! As I was reading your story, I had a movie of it playing in my head! I can’t wait to read part 3 and learn more about the red coins they found! Keep writing! 🖌

    Ms. D. Leech

  6. Great story Adam! I can’t wait to read more, you left me on the edge of my seat! Keep up the great work!

    Mrs. DeStefano

  7. Adam, I really enjoyed your writing. It was informative and really helped me paint a mental picture of what was happening. It left me wanting to know more about this rescue team. Keep up the great writing!

    Mrs. Mac