Creativity in Bookcreator

Have you ever said, “There is never enough time”?  This is what I hear a lot from colleagues and my own thinking.  How do we manage to tackle the benchmarks that we want our students to know, fit in all of our lessons, and allow for room to be creative?  There has to be a balance in everything, and that includes the way we ask our students to showcase their learning.  After over sixteen years of teaching, I have found that students need choice to stay engaged and creative.  As a teacher, I have to get really creative in how I make sure students make connections across all subject areas and fit in all of my lessons for the year.

Do you remember being a kid and being assigned a book report?  I remember going through lots of paper before I settled on my final draft.  Geez, did my hand hurt after all of that writing!  Fast forward to today, there are so many choices for sharing a favorite book.  Students love to be creative in how they share their knowledge of benchmarks that they have been taught.  I have found that Bookcreator is a great digital tool that allows students to grow as readers, writers, designers, and researchers.  And, it’s a great way to practice using 21st century skills and prepare for the future.  After meeting a guest author who wrote a scary story we decided to try our own.  Check out our collaborative collection of spooky stories!  Let us know what you think.

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