100 Word Challenge

The students in my 3rd grade class are embarking in a creative writing challenge in 2018.  Every week, we are going to challenge ourselves to post a quick 100 word story to go with a photo posted on https://100wc.net/week-16-18/#more-21219

We are excited to be a part of this worldwide challenge with other students around the world.  Please leave us a comment here on our blog page, and on https://100wc.net/week-16-18/#more-21219

Week #16  Posts are here….

The Hand Who Knew It All- By: Caroline


Once upon a time there was a girl named Brooklyn. She loved science!  She would mix chemicals and would test them on a doll. She usually wore gloves, but she didn’t wear gloves this time.  She tried to test it, and it backfired on her.  She spilled it on herself.  It hurt a lot that she screamed.  Her mom called the 911 ambulance.  She went to the hospital.  Her hand grew eyes and a mouth. It said, “hey tootsie roll.”  She screamed, and it fell off and ran away.  It became famous in the end.

The Handless Boy- By: Antonio and Max


There was a kid named Jack in New Zealand. Jack woke up the next day. His hand was missing. He screamed, so Jack’s mom and dad zoomed to his room. They saw that his hand was missing, so they got a robot hand. It was a school day, and he got one of his dad’s jacket to cover his hand. Then he went to school. But, his teacher told him to take off his jacket. And everybody stared at his hand. Then he ran to the bathroom, and started to cry.  His teacher had to call his parents.

 The Boy who Spilled the Potion- By: Grace and Violet

Long ago there was a little boy named Jack. He was outside playing basketball. Then he fell on his foot, and badly injured it. His mom saw him through the window then came running outside. She quickly called 911 and the ambulance came and took him to the emergency room. The doctors had to amputate his foot. After that happened he was trying to grab a bottle of water, but accidently spilled a strange potion. All of a sudden his foot turned into a hand. The hand grew a face then started to run out of the hospital and onto the roof!


The Plastic Bag Hand By: Delilah and Liliana

The Plastic Bag Hand


Written by: Delilah and Liliana

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Claire, who never washed her hands.

It wasn’t because she couldn’t – she just chose not to. One day, her hand was

really dirty, so she got a plastic bag and a rubber band. She put the plastic bag

on her hand and wrapped the rubber band around the bag to seal it. Later on,

her hand fell off. “Ahh!” Claire screamed. Her mom ran in and asked “What’s

wrong?”  As soon as she said that, they both noticed that outside on the

neighbors roof was a hand with a face…